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This page is for player reference regarding the ship and its mechanics, loot caches, and other updates.

Awakened Ship

Sokudreki Map - Click to view

Sokudreki is The Dragon of Mists, an ancient awakened ship built primarily of exotic woods and materials. The awakened ship was imprisoned in a bottle and stored in the giant Lolth statue in the Darkwater pirate underground hideout. Upon smashing the bottle in the sea, the ship was freed and became full size. The oversized figurehead of a dragon can turn its head 60 degrees to the left and right to look around and speak. Sokudreki can move its sails and rudder freely, requiring less crew to run than a typical ship of this size. It does not require sleep or food and can follow a navigation course. The hull expands and contracts as if the ship is a breathing creature and Sokudreki's voice can be heard in every area of the ship regardless of proximity to the figurehead.

At neutral sitting, the floor of the main deck is 20 feet above the surface of the water and the bottom of the hull is 20 feet below the surface. It can adjust its sitting by 10 feet up and down to clear obstacles or square up to other vessels.

Sokudreki, The Dragon of Mists
Size: 135 ft x 30 ft
Capacity: 4 crew, 80 passengers
Cargo: 50 tons
Hull: 15 AC, 700 (15+) HP
Travel Pace: 15 mph, 300 miles per day
Siege Equipment Slots: 8 small, 6 medium, 2 large


  • Move. Sokudreki can use its helm to move with its sails a maximum of 60 feet per turn.
  • Misty Sail. Sokudreki can dissolve to mist and reappear up to 300 feet away in any orientation. Usable once per day.

See also: Ship Mechanics for crashing, supplies, and repairs.

See also: Siege Equipment for a full list of weapons.


Section AC HP Actions
Hull 15 700 --
Helm 18 100 Movement if not destroyed.
Sails 12 200 Movement if not destroyed.


Rostrata Map

The Rostrata is a type of small sailing ship with enhanced weapon capacity for its size and a ram mounted to the front. This comes at a cost of cargo capacity, but this makes them common guard ships. When Rostratas are decommissioned from navy and guard service they're often sold at public auction to budding adventurers or vendors.

When not encumbered by excess cargo or crew/passengers, the Rostrata sits with 15 feet from the top of the water to the top deck. When encumbered the boat will sit much lower at only 5 feet and travel at half speed in rough waters.

Size: 100 ft x 20 ft
Capacity: 6 crew, 10 passengers
Cargo: 10 tons
Hull: 15 AC, 300 (15+) HP
Travel Pace: 7 mph, 120 miles per day
Siege Equipment Slots: 0 small, 2 medium, 1 large


  • Fire mounted weapon(s). Your ship has a ballista, cannon, and trebuchet. Ranged weapons require one action to load, one to aim, and one to fire. These actions can be normal or bonus actions. A weapon can be loaded prior to combat, but it must be aimed in combat.
  • Move. The Rostrata can use its helm to move with its sails a maximum of 60 feet per turn. If moving forward into a creature or object's space, the Rostrata will use its naval ram to strike the target.

See also: Ship Mechanics for crashing, supplies, and repairs.

See also: Siege Equipment for a full list of weapons.


Section AC HP Actions
Ballista [M] 15 50 Bolt. Ranged Weapon Attack: +6 to hit, range 120/480ft. Hit: 16 (3d10) piercing damage. Costs 1g each.
Cannon [M] 19 75 Cannon Ball. Ranged Weapon Attack: +6 to hit, range 600/2400ft. Hit: 44 (8d10) bludgeoning damage. Costs 2g each.

Chain Ball. Ranged Weapon Attack: +6 to hit, range 300/1200ft. Hit: 44 (8d10) bludgeoning damage (+30 damage to sails). Costs 4g each.

Trebuchet [L] 15 150 Trebuchet Stone. Ranged Weapon Attack: +5 to hit, range 300/2000ft. Can't hit targets within 60 feet of it. Hit: 55 (10d10) bludgeoning damage. Costs 15g each.
Hull 15 300 --
Helm 18 50 Movement if not destroyed.
Sails 12 100 Movement if not destroyed.
Naval Ram 20 100 Move bitch, get out the way.


The crew of Stormsong has visited the following islands:

  • Sandy Island (prologue)
  • Heshull - coastal city on the continent
  • Kurzu - island with tribe of lizardfolk, led by Teeny
  • "Junk Island" - sand bar with trash and scrap washed ashore, no official designation as an island
  • Meena - pit fight / "company town" island
  • Apocynon - frog island with lake water spirit
  • Gibsport - gnomish wine mafia island
  • "???" - Darkwater / Cult of the Flood island

They have met the following factions:

  • Darkwater pirates
  • Kurzuns - lizardfolk tribe
  • Apocys - grung and bullywug inhabitants of Apocynon
  • Auctors - Whale Ship (destroyed in storm, rescued crew to Heshull)
  • Auctors - Dragon Ship (met en route to Apocynon)
  • Dulki Family - gnomish wine mafia on Gibsport



See this list for potion costs:

  • The cost is half labor, half materials. Crafting it yourself means half the cost!
  • Crafting 1 potion takes 1 day and requires herbalism or alchemy kit. Ex: Crafting 5 potions of healing and 2 potions of climbing will take a week. This can be done while out in the field, on the ship, in town, etc as long as you can reasonably access your tools.


See this list for poisons and costs:

  • The cost of half labor, half materials. Crafting it yourself means half the cost!
  • Crafting 1 vial of poison (2 doses) takes 1 day and requires a poisoner kit. Ex: Crafting 5 vials of cyanide will take 5 days. This can be done while out in the field, on the ship, in town, etc as long as you can reasonably access your tools.

Spell Scrolls

Y'all ain't wizards lol.

Loot Caches

Loot Catch-up March 22nd

Kali loot catch-up
Item Value Description
8 Creature sketches 9g each Sketches on fine parchment of creatures, not in a book
5 Fake Elemental Rings 1g each Costume jewelry, decent looking fakes
Silver spider gear 56g total Bracers, rings, and necklace in silver with spider adornments from drow crafters
+1 Studded leather 80g Studded leather armor with enchantment for +1
Ceremonial poker 75g Used at the blood altar under the Lolth statue in the Darkwater hideout
Trinkets 1g each Any trinket rolled from the trinkets table.

Loot Catch-up Feb 23rd

  • Maps in scroll tubes from sunken Red Drake ship - These are neatly made maps of undersea currents. Usable as general maps (20g).
  • Mystery Key - This is from Xanathar's Guide. See here:
  • Book written in Draconic under Apocynon - Notes on how to modify elemental area-of-effect spells to extend their range. A wizard or mage guild or even the Auctors would fork over big money (500g) for this info.
  • Spellbook in Apocynon - Wizard spellbook of high level elemental spells like Call Lightning and Whirlwind. Wizards and mages would pay handsomely (2000g) for it.
  • Book with leaf/fire/water symbols - Book about changes on terrain from natural and artificial causes. How spells interact with nature. It's very rambly and philosophy-driven and flowery rather than scientific.
  • Books in records room of Apocynon fortress - Log books for supplies, consumption, etc. Insight into the functioning of the fortress that Auctors may be interested in having (150g).
  • Two captain bags on cruise ship from Blue Drakes - Instruments for cartography and navigation (15g), weatherproof clothing (2g), and a gold necklace with an anchor (35g).

Darkwater Hidden Island

Abandoned ship - The Martin. Twenty crew members of the Mawstalker ship The Reveal - including 5 rebellious young adults missing from Heshull - were rescued hiding among the cargo. The Martin appears to have been used as temporary storage for the mansion. The cargo includes food materials to cook up 200 rations, 30 spare sets of kitchen utensils like plates and bowls (5g), and several damaged pots and pans (5g as scrap). One very pungent crate contains ten boxes of unfamiliar spices (???).

Rune inspects the cookware and determines that a nicely-crafted pot and pan with matching styling can be hammered back into shape for proper use. "How could anyone mistreat these?!"

Abandoned ship - The Doris. Someone took a lot of time to methodically stack and arrange a dozen 3-seat table sets and 30 folding cots into the hull of this ship. At the opposite end of the stairs is a desk from the mansion that contains a satchel of black onyx and garnets (500g). Under the desk is a Rug of Smothering - no one knows what the market value of this "thing" would be or where it could even be sold.

The Cultist Mansion - Kitchen. It's a standard line kitchen stocked with materials to cook up 50 rations, a fresh set of knives with whetstone (3g), and two more boxes of unfamiliar pungent spices (???). A stew was left in a lordly-sized cauldron (7g) that can hold 20 gallons of food. Upon sampling the stew, it's the same as what was served earlier in the day.

The Cultist Mansion - Classrooms. Each classroom had a desk with a horizontal drawer and two stacking drawers, and one classroom had a bookshelf of generic teaching texts. The haul included a Javelin of Lightning; a Ring of Spell Storing, which was loaded with Thunderwave (3rd level) and Fog Cloud (2nd level); a folio of defaced letters to the Bloodwater pirates with a list of sending dates; a pair of "rough draft" altered spell scrolls for Fog Cloud and Chain Lightning; a bunch of snack foods equating to 4 rations; two partial Potions of Healing that can be combined to create a full one; a bag of garnets (200g); and a series of detailed maps of Darkwater territory pulled from the walls.

Two Awakened Robes were expertly maneuvered into the "graduate" classroom after getting caught in a hallway.

The Cultist Mansion - Hidden Storage (bonus). Checking the walls of the meeting room revealed a cache of potions: 1 Potion of Clairvoiyance, 2 Potions of Healing, 1 Potion of Water Breathing, and 1 Flask of Alchemist Fire disguised in a potion bottle.

Scattered debris from bodies. The dead bodies of cultists and pirates that dot the island where the dome collapsed have some supplies. The crew gather up 12 daggers (12g), 8 scimitars (200g), 4 shortswords (40g), and enough Darkwater leather armor to kit out 8 people (80g). Assorted gems, jewelry, and coins from the higher ranking cultists total up to 250g.

Desecrated Driders. 50g in silver coins; 100g in jewelry, bangles, bracelets, etc; 40g pocketwatch with fancy filigree; 16 daggers; 3 daggers of clearice (+2 daggers); 5 trinkets (roll on trinket table); Winged Boots; Ring of Warming.

Drow Offices. 4 bolts of drow-crafted leather; 4 drow-crafted studded leather embossed with spider patterns (+1 studded leather); a box of tinctures and potion materials (100g if sold); leatherworking tools; alchemist tools; set of 4 mechanical gemstone dogs - ruby, emerald, topaz, tigerseye; boxes of 12 pairs of gloves and 7 belts and 9 mismatched shoes.

Apocynon Fortress Basement

The party defeated a corruption that was taking over the elemental water spirit Calamochnus in the basement of the former cultist fortress. The basement was heavily flooded and had many collapsed support pillars from the building above sinking into the island. Bodies along with other debris and broken items littered the floor, washed down from repeated floods.

  • Jellycap. A gooey, bag-like thing with reflective spots, similar to the moon jellyfish swarm. The stitches are hard to see and the jellycap is nearly transparent. Dracks recognizes it and says it's for breathing and seeing underwater if you don't have gills - just pull it over your head while above the water to make a bubble. He tries to put it on Osaris to demonstrate but she swats him away.
  • +2 Barnacled Scimitar. This scimitar has barnacles attached to the blade, making it feel slightly off-balance. The barnacles won't come off, but they're very sharp.
  • Wand of Lightning Bolts. The end of the wand is broken off. It has 4 charges.
  • Circlet of Blasting. The circlet is tarnished but the gem seems to be intact and has a fire icon inscribed.

There are various bits and pieces in the debris including bent kitchenware, broken writing implements, piles of decayed scrolls and books, and remnants of the stone support pillars. While sifting through the wreckage the group finds a 1 foot square metal box with the earth icon carved into the top. The sides are warped and pushed outward. The lid is rippled and in poor condition.

  • Book of historical storms. Found in the Apocynon fortress restricted library office. The following pages are starred:
    • A hurricane that flattened a forested island (Green Enclave)
    • A storm that split into multiple smaller ones, which caused flooding on some smaller islands (Cunning Islands)
    • A tidal wave brought on by a hurricane that left a dent in a coastal mountain (Dartmis)
    • A storm that carried ash from a volcano, creating a stinging miserable cloud that dumped acid rain for days (Laniley Foothills)

The Menagerie Footlockers

The party salvaged a pallet of secured footlockers from four safes aboard The Lawson, which met its fate when its anchor snagged on a newly forming volcanic island. Each safe was the size of a fridge and contained 8 footlockers. One was opened underwater and contained gold coins, spurring a recovery mission for the rest. Each footlocker and safe was emblazoned with "The Menagerie" in a swirling gold script.

Safe #1 Boxes Description Valuation
(opened) Gold coins 50g
2 Two dozen small skulls and pouches of teeth and fangs Make a check
3 Squares of hide and fur, including some fluffy tails Make a check
4 A faintly glowing blue orb that feels very cold to the touch. It hovers in the box. Make a check
5 Four hardback books about forest mammals. They look old but don't seem unique.* 1g maybe?
6 A set of fine metal hook tools, similar to lockpicks. 5g maybe?
7 Parchment, inks, and a pen made from a claw. The paper is high quality and the inks shimmer. 4g maybe?
8 Padded pouches of round, polished white quartz Quartz isn't rare. It's a box of rocks.
  • Book titles: Foreleg Functions and Adaptations, The Wonderful Wilderness, Wild Game Hunting, A Tale of Tails
Safe #2 Boxes Description Valuation
1 Gold coins 40g
2 Bottles of various shapes and sizes, some with powder residue 0.5g maybe
3 Elongated tubes with dried leaves, all sealed with corks Make a check
4 Sewing kit with glowing threads and a box of fancy buttons Make a check
5 Heavily worn mortar and pestle with matching stone cutting board 2g
6 The latch is jammed. Do you smash it open?
7 Beautiful feathers of all colors and textures carefully laid together to fit as many as possible into the box Make a check
8 A series of glass orbs strung together in a line Make a check
Safe #3 Boxes Description Valuation
1 Gold coins 100g
2 A sizzling sound is heard and the box starts smoking... ...The resulting pile of soot inside smells acrid.
3 Spools of thread and a sleeve of sewing needles 4g maybe?
4 Vials of black sparkling liquid Make a check
5 Two books about identifying plants and herbs. They look brand new. 3g maybe?
6 A book about chemical reactions with heat. It's very technical. 4g maybe?
7 Four fashionable scarves and matching sets of gloves 6g maybe?
8 A variety of jewelry chains in gold, silver, and a blue metal 10g maybe?
Safe #4 Boxes Description Valuation
1 Gold coins 75g
2 Blank metal jewelry rings and a small desktop lathe 14g maybe?
3 Scrolls with elaborate headings and smaller scrolls with single runes on them Make a check
4 Rings carved with bubbles and wave patterns Make a check
5 The box starts burning and catches fire when opened 🔥... ...and burns to ashes.
6 A few dozen fabric swatches 1g maybe?
7 Two sleeves of darts that contain a yellow liquid Make a check
8 Glass spheres with flames flickering inside. Each has a looped pin at the top. Make a check

Creature Prints

Demi recovered some scroll tubes containing artwork of legendary creatures on fancy aquatic paper. Each print consists of a large diagram of the creature as well as some notes.

Ancient Squid

They have a wide territory and rarely appear at the surface. If one is disturbed it will ravage everything in its territory until it feels at peace again to return to the depths. A fully grown ancient squid can drag ships to the sea floor and can live for hundreds of years. Older squids often have battle scars. Storms often follow when ancient squids have awoken.

Dragon Turtle

Dragon turtles have hoards and will accost ships to pay "tolls" when passing through the turtle's territory. Each turtle has its own type of "toll" it wants. Their backs can grow trees and plants, drawing birds over time. They enjoy warm climates and bask at the surface for long periods, exerting very little energy. Not known what they eat.


Gargoctopus travel large distances to find ruins which they claim as their own. From there, they steal the minds of any passing ship crews by luring them toward the ruins via dreams. Supposedly they can speak any language they encounter perfectly after hearing it once. They can mimic a million colors and speak telepathically. Some giant octopus may be child spawns of a gargoctopus.

Mutant Plant Creatures from Lafern Topp

In exchange for your silence regarding the legal matters of what lurks in her shop, Lafern has offered the following companions to the party for the right price.

Name Cost Based On... Description
Buttermunch 1500g Buttercrunch lettuce A very small leafy creature with bent leaves for legs. It waddles around to sunny spots and attaches itself to surfaces to photosynthesize. If sunlight cannot be found, it will munch other plants and stationary creatures.
Funnysuckle 800g Honeysuckle A potted plant that makes a quiet giggling sound when no one is looking at it. The flowers are white and it smells sweet. Lafern says previous experiments would make awful jokes at the expense of others, but this one has quieted down.
Bamboop 900g Bamboo sprig Something gooey lives inside the tube of bamboo and refuses to be seen. It moves by rolling around, but can be secured happily in a pot. Lafern warns that bamboop will knock into things frequently because it has no eyes.
Jumping Spider Plant 1200g Spider plant A leafy, spidery body with several legs. It moves quickly and eats bugs. Looks and moves like a jumping spider.
Garlick 1300g Garlic The bulb can move around like a clam using a tongue. It tries to stay near warmth and produces a delicious scent of cooked food. If kept happy, it may offer garlic cloves.
Cat Bite 1900g Catnip A dark green, grassy kitten-shaped creature. Periodically it's overcome with an urge to bite other Cat Bites, which will result in fighting to the death until one or both is a pile of grass clippings. Very skittish.
Chamomeal 1300g Chamomile This plant is a mound of white daisies that crawls around on the floor, looking for food scraps. It's a scavenger but doesn't have a visible mouth.