Marissa Berresford

I am a programmer.

I enjoy working through code, building new projects, and learning better methods.

I have my preferences and go-tos, but I enjoy picking up new ideas and tools for tinkering.

That's how you find the cool, interesting stuff, right?

Front End? Yes.

Give me a clean, smooth UI any day. Efficient, engaged users are happy users, which leads to a happy system.

Back end? Yes.

Having a great front-end is useless if the back-end isn't designed with future expansion and proper maintenance in mind.

Networking? Let's do it.

I'm not an admin, but I've worked closely with networking teams and can read network mappings to help troubleshoot system issues. I look forward to learning even more.

System Support? Done it.

Keeping a fast work pace to go through incidents and fix bugs kept me on my toes for a few years.

Desktop Support? Not my first choice.

Like any computer nerd, I do enough basic IT support for my mother.