Marissa Berresford

Tools of the Trade

I've used various IDEs and utilities to work through websites and code. Years on this page denote specific software editions, not the years I used them (ex. I used TFS v2013 from early 2015 through late 2016).

IDEs & Editors

  • Visual Studio: This has been my bread and butter for many years. At home I use VS Community 2019 and I've been using it in various editions since VS 2008.
  • Thingworx Composer: The in-browser "builder" for Thingworx is a very different environment but works well for developing Thingworx web apps.
  • SQL Server Management Studio: Par for the course for any SQL work.
  • SQLite DB Browser: This browser is awesome for making SQLite database updates quickly and checking that my apps are working correctly for CRUD operations.
  • Google Scripts: While it's not a local IDE, it's a great platform for working with Google's web application ecosystem.
  • Notepad++: Please don't make me go back to normal Notepad.
  • LINQPad: Testing code snippets without having to use dummy projects is fantastic.
  • Eclipse: COBOL has been my most heavily used language in Eclipse despite first learning how to use it for Java.
  • CANDE (DMSII): I can't say I enjoyed using CANDE to work with COBOL, but "uphill in the snow both ways" gives you a better appreciation for modern IDEs.

Project Management & Version Control

  • Team Foundation Version Control: I've used this for the past few years at work in an enterprise-level code base.
  • Git: This is my preferred version control for personal projects (check out my GitHub!) and I've used it in combination with TFVC at work.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM: I used CRM primarily for searching related incidents and finding prior issues that customers reported.
  • Team Foundation Server v2013-2015: We used TFS heavily for tracking bugs, incidents, research, etc for incidents from a developer point of view. The Kanban board is fantastic in TFS 2015.

Other Software

  • SoapUI: I've used it for testing automation when providing application support.
  • FileZilla: Standard FTP client for personal projects.
  • Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator: I've designed banners and shirts for charity work as well as vehicle wrap designs for personal use.
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint, etc): Standard document processing that we all know and love.
  • PortaTree Professional Ultimate Drag Race Timer (Gold Box): I'm not expecting to time quarter-mile drag races in an office, but if you need me to I can!