Marissa Berresford

In a nutshell.

Originally I hail from Richmond, VA and moved to Fargo, ND in June 2014 after I graduated from college, so my experience is 'split' between non-technical work pre-college and more technical work post-college. I also have a tendency to pick up interesting side jobs, hence the overlapping timelines.


⚑ Jan 2018 - Current. "Software Engineer @ New Vision

  • Develop and maintain ThingWorx applications and features.
  • Support Agile team processes during development.
  • Create solutions to solve client problems.
  • Highlights: I love the variety of projects we do for many different manufacturing clients. My team is cohesive and we learn quickly together.

πŸ•ΈοΈ April 2018 - Current. "Web Admin @ Top End Dragways"

  • Designed and currently maintain the website for the track. Check it out!
  • Managing event pages each season as well as the email subscriber list.
  • Troubleshooting any issues and proofreading all announcements.
  • When the current owners bought the track, I volunteered to redo the website and get it into the modern era with a proper design and better features.
  • Highlights: New owners, new website. We've received great feedback on how much better connected we are with our community of racers and spectators.

🏎️ May 2018 - Oct 2018. "Computer Operator @ Top End Dragways" (seasonal)

  • Managed the timing systems for various types of NHRA drag races.
  • Handled troubleshooting lineup issues between vehicles.
  • Input racer numbers and dial-ins for eliminations.
  • Racing season runs May to Oct, hence the short duration. This was my second year at Top End Dragways.
  • Highlights: Year two running the tower was excellent. The track was under new management and they appreciated my speed and accuracy. My car is still slow though.

🎲 Mar 2017 - May 2018. "Programmer @ Paradox Comics-N-Cards" (part-time)

  • Design, implement, and maintain store systems for customer rewards and special order tracking.
  • Act as a combination of developer, admin, marketer, and project manager.
  • Manage customer/player announcements and engagement.
  • Support the community for Dungeons and Dragons in Fargo.
  • Highlights: These projects have helped my scripting and automation skills in a big way. Being able to give back to the D&D community has been fantastic and I've received great feedback on the systems.

⚑ Feb 2015 - Jan 2018. "Software Engineer @ CoreLink Administrative Solutions"

  • Provided technical support for live systems.
  • Worked on-call rotations 24/7 supporting critical systems and monitoring uptime.
  • Fixed issues via hotfixes and corrected inaccurate data records.
  • Prioritized tasks and incidents based on user needs and timeliness.
  • Highlights: I enjoyed the fast pace, learning a ton about enterprise-level systems and insurance claim processing as well as triaging incidents and managing one's time. My team worked as Kanban/Scrumban.

🏎️ May 2017 - Oct 2017. "Computer Operator @ Top End Dragways" (seasonal)

  • Managed the timing systems for various types of NHRA drag races.
  • Handled troubleshooting lineup issues between vehicles.
  • Input racer numbers and dial-ins for eliminations.
  • Racing season runs May to Oct, hence the short duration. This was my first year at Top End Dragways.
  • Highlights: I love cars, I love racing, it was a perfect weekend gig for the summer. My best time on the quarter mile was 17.8 sec @ 77mph with 0.229 reaction time. Slow but still fun.

πŸ“ Nov 2014 - Jan 2015. "Provider Enrollment Specialist @ Noridian Healthcare Solutions"

  • Drafted notification letters for providers.
  • Performed data entry from scanned and digital enrollment forms.
  • Handled troubleshooting inconsistencies throughout enrollment process.
  • This position was primarily data-entry and not programming, so I was actively seeking another position and landed at CoreLink after a few months.
  • Highlights: The work wasn't very difficult and not particularly exciting, but the knowledge I gained here was a perfect springboard into working with insurance claims data at CoreLink.

πŸŽ„ Oct 2011 - Jun 2014. "Back Room Associate @ Christmas Tree Shops"

  • Worked on a team to offload and process inventory, build displays, and manage back room operations.
  • Handled reports for errors in shipping, damage, and inventory transfers.
  • Used database system to check inventory status.
  • Trained new employees in store and warehouse systems.
  • Highlights: Everyone does retail at some point, right? I enjoyed this college job and learned a lot about logistics. Plus I can pack a truck like nobody's business.

πŸ• Jan 2006 - Mar 2012. "Assistant Webmaster @ French Bulldog Rescue Network"

  • Responsible for direct site updates with charity donation messages.
  • Fixed formatting bugs and display errors.
  • Worked with main webmaster to coordinate site changes and updates for events.
  • I was a long-term volunteer during high school and into college until my coursework overtook my free time.
  • Highlights: I picked up a lot of meticulous HTML and CSS skills here since my tasks revolved around formatting and posting messages.


        My daily drivers { C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript, SQL, LINQ, HTML, CSS, ADO.NET Entity Framework, WPF, WinForms apps }
        I'm getting better { Angular2, Windows Azure, UWP applications }
        Enough to be dangerous { Java, COBOL, VB, VB.NET }
        /* Would love to learn { Android development }*/


πŸ“œ May 2014. Associate of Arts and Sciences (AAS), Computer Programming @ J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College - Richmond, VA

  • Graduated cum laude, GPA 3.4
  • Biased toward math courses: accounting, calculus, statistics, economics
  • I started out in Computer Engineering for a couple of years and switched majors to Programming when I realized that I preferred working with code and databases over diodes and circuits.

πŸ“œ June 2010. Advanced HS Diploma @ Deep Run High School - Glen Allen, VA

  • Noteworthy: Managed student laptop helpdesk making repairs and parts orders.
  • Won the Technological Student Award for computer coursework.