Marissa Berresford

What I've Done

For the most part these are built with me as the only user in mind, but a few portions like my Google Scripts works are being used publicly. These are a mixture of random projects and general tinkering, and I'll never be properly "done" with any of them.

  • I'm still actively adding to this page!

DM Suite

  • A growing suite of tools for Dungeon Masters to manage content in Dungeons and Dragons.
  • C#, UWP, SQLite3
  • Check it out on GitHub!

I enjoy running D&D games as a DM and wanted to spin up a creative project for the winter. It's also a fun time to play with the newest UWP controls.

Game Inventory

  • A basic inventory program for tracking purchased video games as a collector.
  • C#, Entity Framework, SQL/LINQ
  • Check it out on GitHub!

I made this to better organize my collection of console and handheld video games. I'd worked with inventory systems when offloading trucks in retail, so I figured why not create a similar version to help my purchasing prowess.

Google Script Tools

  • A small collection of useful tools I've put together in Google Scripts
  • Google Apps Script (aka Javascript)
  • Check it out on GitHub!

While putting together the player rewards system for Paradox Comics-n-Cards, I learned a lot about Google's scripting ecosystem and created a couple of handy scripts that others can use. One is a script that will open and close a form automatically in sync with events on a Google calendar. Another is a script that will sync up the answer choices for individual questions on two different forms.


Short and sweet, it's a standard calculator. I generally use this kind of project to figure out a new language and a calculator was one of the first GUI-based programs I ever wrote. I'd like to create some plug-ins for it to do cooking calculations and use some automotive formulas like calculating wheel dimensions.